What can I do with the Information Technology

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Through my experience and education and based on my work at your company I will contribute to the professionalization of the Information Technology (IT) toward reaching your business benefits and goals.

Why ?

Information is Power and because of that I want to take your IT to the next level and make your company more powerful and more profitable. Because that will be reflected in my own career in your company. If we all grow we all be happier.

How ?

Using IT advanced techniques and putting in place standards and procedures well organized and consistent with the company's goals regarding but not limited to:

  • Database design
  • Business Systems Analisys (BA, BSA)
  • Application programming
  • Software quality assurance (QA)

All that will make your information:

  •  Accurate:         Customers and stakeholders will trust in the value of the information's accuracy
  •  Opportune :     Everyone would be able to have at the RIGHT MOMENT the RIGHT INFO.
  •  Efficient:         Reports and Data Operations will be able to be pulled out in reasonable time.